10:27 | 24.09.2020

Webinar "Local elections 2020: I am the candidate", the 6th in the series, was held on September 23rd

Webinar "Local elections 2020: I am the candidate", the 6th in the series designed specifically for women-leaders of local self-governance in Ukraine, was held on September, 23rd.

The participants and speakers continued preparation to the local elections to be held on October, 25th. The key goal of the webinar series is development of leadership skills of female representatives of Ukrainian local self-government and expert support of candidates among that demographic, who require deeper understanding of election legislation.

DESPRO experts Olena Boiko and Volodymyr Venher covered such matters:

- candidate guarantees 
- political campaigning
- election fund
- specifics of local elections in the context of legal responsibility.

The updates on DESPRO webinars are published on the project's Facebook page, as well as the group of «Women-leaders of local self-government» network.


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