12:41 | 10.12.2020

Time for Water: Quotes from the Presentation of the Publication

DESPRO continues to support the development of the water supply and sanitation at the regional level.

Another step in this project was made by the development of the analytical report "Time for Water", which was presented at UkrInform News Agency, jointly with Interproject GMbH and the Association Ukrvodokanalekologiya.

The publication is highlights the problems of water management, water supply and sanitation, and also offers a view of the author's team on possible solutions to the country's exit from the water crisis. 

"Our society is already facing the limited access to quality water. To change the situation, we need to change approaches and implement innovative solutions, not only technical and infrastructural, but also political. We need to develop and implement state policy in water sector," said Oksana Garnets, Senior Project Manager of DESPRO in Ukraine

DESPRO project expert Andriy Kavun presented the DESPRO input to the publication, specifically in the field of development and implementation of decentralized water supply provision models in partner communities.

The report is available in Ukrainian in the library of the DESPRO website.

Короткая ссылка на новость: https://despro.org.ua/~ubtaF