18:26 | 28.12.2020

Congratulations to Graduates of "Project Management-10"


This year, more than 1300 participants joined the "Project Management - 10" course which was held from November 1st to December 5th, 2020, at the Community of Practice: Sustainable Development. 119 participants were able to meet all study program requirements, and therefore will receive printed certificates from the Ukrainian School of Government and DESPRO (with 1 ECTS credit).

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All participants of the e-course jointly transitioned from an idea to a developed project concept, provided peer evaluation and expert advice to each other. A special feature of this training course was the final online conference "LET'S MAKE A CHANGE TOGETHER!", during which more than 50 projects were presented on the following topics:

♦ Security of citizens;
♦ Psychological assistance for adults, and work with children with special needs;
♦ Centers for support of public initiatives, resource centers, project offices;
♦ Entrepreneurship development (coworking and innovation centers, business incubators and technology hubs);
♦ Waste treatment, water supply, land management and environmental projects;
♦ Renovation of educational institutions and online education, construction of playgrounds and amusement parks, promotion of tourist routes and folk art;
♦ Development of sheep breeding, farming, agricultural cooperatives.

Everyone who presented a project idea demonstrated the unique features of their community and region, as well as the original solution. And everyone who took part in this conference saw the beauty of our country in its diversity!
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