18:43 | 02.02.2021

Local Self-Governance School 2021 launches the enrollment process

Swiss-Ukrainian Decentralization Support Project DESPRO launches the enrollment process for its annual Local Self-Governance School (the DESPRO School) for representatives of communities across Ukraine. 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided to transition the usual face-to-face learning format into a virtual space, while maintaining the unique approaches and methods of the learning process developed over the years by project experts. Thus, in 2021, the DESPRO School will take place on the zMEET platform - a gamified online platform, to which each participant will connect individually from their personal laptop or computer, but will learn as a team.

Trailer of the DESPRO Local Self-Governance School 2021 (in Ukrainian):

The focus of training is the new opportunities and practical tools for the development of local communities. The topics of the training modules are updated to meet the needs of both the newly created communities and for communities with experience fro previous years of the local self-governance reform in UKraine. More information about the DESPRO School of Local Self-Government can be found here. Videos about the past DESPRO Schools (in Ukrainian):


The DESPRO School 2021 will be held on zMEET platform in the following stages:

I. Self-training - from 09 to 23 March

This stage includes self-guided introduction with the zMEET platform and preliminary study of materials developed by trainers. The training on technical issues of using the game platform for all selected participants will be held on March 12.

II. The first session - 23 (until 15.00) and March 24 (until 14.00)

III. The second session - April 13-14 (until 14.00)

IV. The third session - April 27-28 (until 14.00)

V. Preparing homework from the trainers of the first session - from March 24 to April 28

VI. Final exam on all topics of the DESPRO School - from April 28 to 30

The full announcement and information on how to enroll is available in Ukrainian here.

The selection of participants will be carried out by the specially created commission under the DESPRO project until February 25, 2021. If necessary, a telephone interview may be conducted with the applicants. The results will be announced on the official website of the DESPRO project.

Questions can be addressed by phone +38 (044) 270 55 21 or e-mail h.osadcha@despro.org.ua (Halyna Osadcha) / t.siryk@despro.org.ua (Tetiana Siryk).

Короткая ссылка на новость: https://despro.org.ua/~lyM5F