13:07 | 18.03.2021

The Water Dialogue to be held on World Water Day


On March 22, on World Water Day, at 10 AM during the "Dialogue on Water", experts will discuss the situation with the organization of quality water supply service in Ukrainian communities, specifically:

♦ how the water supply and waste water treatment services are managed today,

♦ the models of organization of water supply services,

♦ the requirements for the development of water supply management models,

♦ the components of state water policy.

The event speakers:

Olga Babiy, Member of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities

Andriy Kavun, expert of the Swiss-Ukrainian Decentralization Support project DESPRO

Yevhen Kun, CEO of Interproekt LLC

Bogdan Prokhorov, economist of the Center for Economic Strategy

Moderator - Vyacheslav Sorokovsky, public policy and decentralization expert at DESPRO

The topic of the World Water Day 2021 is the value of water for each of us, namely - the value of water for people is much greater than its price. At the same time, one of the Sustainable Development Goals until 2030 is to provide drinking water to everyone on the basis of "safe management".

Territorial communities, in response to the needs of their residents, ask themselves this question - what should the water supply system look like institutionally? Given the challenges that exist in the water sector of Ukraine, this issue needs to be addressed now.

The live broadcast of the dialogue will be available on Decentralization Facebook page, as well as on Ukrinform news agency Youtube channel.


The event will take place as part of a series of events "Dialogues on Water", organized by the Swiss-Ukrainian Decentralization Support project DESPRO.

The recording of the previous dialogue in this series is available here.

The DESPRO Water Supply and Sanitation Position Paper

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