17:08 | 06.04.2021

New Courses on the Community of Practice: Sustainable Development

The DESPRO Community of Practice: Sustainable Development welcomes everyone willing to take courses developed by the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service and partners, in order to increase the professional competencies of local government officials and civil servants.


Course "Current issues of personnel management in local government" for local government officials.

This course is:
♦ an opportunity to get acquainted with the issues of selection for service in the local self-government bodies;
♦ an opportunity to learn about the peculiarities of recruitment in the local self-government bodies;
♦ great source of information on ranks' assignments and evaluation of local government officials.

Course "Political education of civil servants in Ukraine" for civil servants.

The purpose of the course is:
♦ Improving the political culture of civil servants;
♦ Forming a stable knowledge system on political culture, political system and civil society.

Course "Improving the efficiency and quality of management in public administration and local self-government by applying the General Assessment Framework (CAF) model" for local government officials, civil servants.

This course:
♦ Considers the modern quality management standards
♦ Considers the innovative approaches to assessing the effectiveness and quality of public administration
♦ Gives the opportunity to generate electronic certificates with 0.2 ECTS credit for successful participants upon completion

Currently, the number of participants in each of the three courses is about 200, and dozens of certificates have already been generated.

In addition, the materials of the online resource "New Civil Service" have been updated. The resource is aimed at preparing for the applicaition process for the positions reforms' experts. It also provides an opportunity to pass a test for knowledge of the law.
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