16:31 | 07.05.2021

The DESPRO Local Self-Governance School 2021 Concluded on May, 5th


The DESPRO  Local Self-Government School 2021 ended on May, 5th, with a final online event after a 2-month training program divided into 3 two-day online sessions with homework breaks.

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This year, due to quarantine restrictions, the DESPRO School was held in a unique format: training sessions were held on the gamified online platform zMEET from ZLab. The platform was developed on the basis of the Unity system to hold events, conferences, online concerts through the creation of each users's avatar that can navigate the open virtual world and interact with other user avatars.


The DESPRO and zMEET teams, together with the School's experts and trainers, developed unique interactive learning tools specifically for the School of Local Self-Government 2021, in order to adapt the platform's capabilities to training formats, including the practical tasks. Among the topics of this year's DESPRO School: resource management and financial opportunities for communities, organizational structure of local self-government and regulation development, marketing of territories and branding, inter-municipal cooperation and water supply management, construction of a cohesive community, use of social networks for local development.

This year the organizers decided to hold a virtual DESPRO School for 2 waves of participants instead of one. In total, 167 participants from 21 communities were selected for training, of which 113 representatives from 12 communities successfully completed homework, passed the final exam and became successful graduates of the DESPRO 2021 School.

Traditionally, a competitive element has been introduced for the DESPRO School format - the community teams that received the highest score will receive co-financing from the DESPRO project for the community development project. Such winners of the School were the teams of Merefa, Opishnia and Khotyn communities.

The project team congratulates the winners and all participants of the virtual School of Local Self-Government 2021 and wishes success in the development of their communities!

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