12:18 | 18.04.2022

How we help Ukrainian communities

Because of the large-scale invasion by russia, like all Ukrainians we've found ourselves in exceptional and difficult circumstances of war and displacement. Contemplating the pain and struggle of our people, we did what's the most natural for DESPRO: used 15 years of experience working with local government, Ukrainian and international partners to help Ukrainian communities in time of need.

We joined the volunteer and humanitarian movement in Ukraine:

- we receive, sort and deliver food, hygiene and medicine to the communities of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy regions
- we purchase and deliver solar panels for communities that have lost power
- we print and distribute materials with instructions on first aid
- we help to organize daily hot meals for the defenders of Kyiv

And we're not stopping! Please, follow our Facebook page for updates and photos of our work for Ukraine and its people.

All our humanitarian activities are possible thanks to our partners: the Vperti volunteer project, the All-Ukrainian Association of Amalgamated Territorial Communities, the Lviv City Council, the "Ukraine Incognita" project, the goodwine network, the MHP charity partner, the Rebuild Ukraine charity fund, and all those who donate.

You can help us to buy things or equipment that are rarely provided by charities, e.g. generators or solar panels.

Bank name: Joint-stock company OTP BANK (OTP BANK JSC) in Kyiv
Bank code: 300528
Beneficiary name: NGO Despro
Beneficiary ID: 41621949
Beneficiary contact: 01001, Kyiv, 2 B. Hrinchenka str., office 2
Phone number: +380442705527
E-mail: despro@despro.org.ua

Короткая ссылка на новость: https://despro.org.ua/~uHFab