19:16 | 01.06.2022

Various Stories. One War. Dmytrivka

600 families lost homes. Fleeing Ukrainians shot in cars. Lack of drinking water due to destruction by russians. This is the story of the Dmytrivka community.

The main way in and out of Kyiv to the west, the Kyiv-Chop highway, passes through the Dmytrivka community. This is the road Ukrainians took to flee to Kyiv when russians invaded settlements near the capital. Yet the russians nested around the highway and shot passing cars, destroyed everything around them - schools, clinics, houses, and brutally tortured and killed the locals.

In this episode of "Various Stories. One War", Head of Dmytrivka community Taras Didych talks about the horrors his community went through.

In the video series "Various stories. One war", Decentralization portal and NGO DESPRO share first-hand evidence on consequences of war and needs of people who lost everything after February 24, 2022.

Короткая ссылка на новость: https://despro.org.ua/~euNAK