Solid waste management

Since 2010 DESPRO has been supporting pilot projects for solid waste management. The pilot projects are implemented in Tulchyn raion (Vinnitsa oblast) and in town of Romny and Romny rayon (Sumy oblast).

The projects are based on 3 methodological approaches:

Integrated SW management

The established practice of local governments’ approach to the SDW management as mere disposal of SDW in the residential areas (if the system of garbage collecting and removing is in place at all), without due attention to the further handling of SW and neglect of environmental (deterioration of the environment) and economic (as a rule tariffs do not reflect actual costs) components of this operation, does not work anymore. It is important to take into account all the key components of the integrated approach to the SW management.

Cooperation of the territorial communities
SW management is very sensible to the scope of services. Economic efficiency of the system functioning is feasible only if the volume of waste is sufficient. For example, the minimum capacity of efficient fixed garbage sorting line is 20-30 thousand tons a year; while optimal capacity of the landfill is the burial of 50 to100 thousand tons of waste per year, which correspondence to serving about 150 to 300 000 thousand residents; and the efficiency of garbage truck use will increase with the increase in its capaciousness. Resources o some communities (with the exception of big cities, probably), do not allow to cover the cost of initial investments and operational costs. It means that isolated communities are unable to ensure the integrated SDW management.
It can be ensured by the joint efforts and resources of the neighboring territorial communities’ collaboration (also described as inter-municipal cooperation).
Adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On cooperation of the territorial communities” (№ 1508-VII of 17.07.2014) set up the long-anticipated rules of the game for such cooperation.

Step-by-step planning
To organize the planning process the step-by-step procedure which regards the results of the former stage is taken as the basis for the next stage operation.
As a result of planning process the Strategy of the integrated SW management is being designed.