Water supply in towns

Within the frame of the phase ІІІ DESPRO started preparatory work in the pilot regions aimed at supporting water supply pilot projects in towns.

Project's support embraces two intertwined aspects:

Solving technical issues in water supply, and
Improving management and organization in the water supply providers’ activities.

Within the fame of the phase ІІІ DESPRO envisages support of four pilot projects in improving water supply in the small cities. Currently three of those four projects are under implementation: 2 in Sumy oblast in the towns of Romny and Krolevets, and 1 in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast in the town of Tlumach.

Projects on water supply improvement are realized in two stages. During the first stage joint task force of DESPRO, local authorities and service provider develop the program for modernization, optimization and development of the centralized water supply system. The second stage, in accordance with the designed and approved program, deals with its implementation. Mechanism of public participation in the funding of some aspects of the implementation is a specific feature of the said program, e.g. construction of the local distribution street networks.

DESPRO treats pilot projects as future demonstration grounds for the authorities and communities, which, due to their efficiency and sustainability, can be used for disseminating the models.