DESPRO jointly with the higher educational institutions, local self-governance associations, regional training centres conducted e-courses during 2011-2016 for different audiences (civil servants, local authorities’ representatives, MA students in public administration).

The most popular e-course on Project Management for local development (was initiated in 2012): 5 all-Ukrainian courses took place since then; around 2 000 participants received certificates on the successful completion of the course.

In 2015-2016 the following courses were organized:

 -  Local Budget in the Fiscal Decentralization Context (216 persons completed);

 -  New Anti-Corruption Legislation Implementation (177 persons completed);

 -  self-study module on Solid Waste Management launched (more than 300 enrolled);

 -  regional e-courses on Decentralization and LSG reforms for Dnipropetrovsk & Zaporizhzhya oblasts with co-funding from local budgets (DLG reforms for Dnipropetrovsk oblast – 684 completed, DLG reforms for Zaporizhzhya oblast – 276; also for Dnipropetrovsk oblast: Projects as development instrument for ATC – 127, Starosta: leader&administrator -176, for Local councils’ deputies -105).

Participants of the All-Ukrainian e-courses during 2013 - 2015 by regions (in %)