Step By Step Planning of Integrated Solid Waste Management in Tulchynsky Rayon

During the implementation of Phase II, Swiss-Ukrainian Project “Decentralization Support in Ukraine” (DESPRO), besides water-supply, supports the local projects on Solid Household Waste Management. In this March the process of strategic planning of integrated Solid Waste Management was launched in Tulchynsky rayon, Vinnytsya Oblast.

Within DESPRO Program on Complex Solid Waste Management (SWM) a specialized workshop “Establishing the Planning System” took place in Tulchynsky rayon.
During the event, SWM procedure was considered. It includes following steps:
  • Step I: Planning mobilization, involving main stakeholders, particularly, communities; identifying stakeholders’ functions and roles.
  • Step II: Identifying and collecting the data base re waste (current situation and tendencies), waste composition, re-cycling markets and SWM models.
  • Step III: Establishing the planning system. Planning system is a concept aimed at supporting the key players, situation analyses and understanding as well as identifying the key planning long-term issues. 
  • Step IV: Identifying and assessing the options of structural elements.
  • Step V: Developing the SWM strategy, taking into account the selected SWM model.
  • Step VI: Developing the Action Plan, identifying the activities and concluding the contracts; decision-making.
  • Implementing the Strategic Plan.
To-day the workshop participants have started Step III.
Andre Olshewski, SWP expert (Swiss Resource Centre and Consultancies for Development, SKAT), presented the establishing of planning structure. He stressed that lion’s share of success would depend on official recognition of planning process by local power as well as current situation analyses and description and goals identification in line with environment improvement. 
Main SWM objectives are: decreasing of SW accumulation, collection, recycling, SW secondary usage and disposal of not recyclable waste.
Members of executive committee and rayon working group responsible for SWM project implementation in rayon took part in a workshop.