On 6-12 November 2011, the Study Visit "Effective Models of Solid Waste Treatment in European countries" was conducted with support of the Swiss-Ukrainian Decentralization Support to Ukraine Project (DESPRO)

The visit was intended to present the experience and best practices in implementing the integrated management of solid waste in certain European countries, such as Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Particular attention during the visit was paid to the organizational, legal, technical and financial issues in dealing with solid waste treatment (SWT), distribution of functions and powers between the national, regional and local levels, technology solutions, as well as inter-municipal cooperation in this field.
To participate in the study visit, they invited practitioners who work in the area of SWT at various levels of management and support:
-        National level (Ministry of Regional Policy, Construction and Housing, Department of the SWT)
-        Regional level (management of housing at the oblast level)
-        Rayon (district) level (rayon government bodies - the Council and State Administration, namely the officials who are directly involved in planning, financing, and implementing the policy of solid waste treatment at the rayon level)
-        Community level (community leaders in towns and villages - DESPRO partners in implementing pilot projects in the field of MST)
-        Partnership projects / programmes (MGSDP/UNDP, CoE)

DESPRO Experts