Yalta is hosting the annual final conference of partners of the Swiss-Ukrainian project "Decentralization Support in Ukraine» (DESPRO)

On 13 - 15 December 2011, Yalta is hosting the annual meeting of partners of the Swiss-Ukrainian decentralization Support to Ukraine Project (DESPRO). Its goal is to summarize the work aimed at support the rural communities’ projects on provision of decentralized services, to discuss trends and prospects for local and regional development, knowledge management in the area of public administration. Besides, the Conference participants will plan their activities for next year.The event brings together 150 delegates, among them: rural activists, officials of local authorities and executive authorities, experts in public administration and knowledge management, journalists from regional and national mass media.

During 2011, 32 more communities joined the introduction of decentralized rural water supply services. Thus, in general, 72 local projects will be implemented with the support of DESPRO, and it means not just setting up water supply in villages, but also creating a viable sustainable model of providing a service to the population by a rural service cooperative.
Also, the passing year has given a start to two inter-municipal projects of solid waste treatment in Tulchyn rayon, Vinnytsya oblast, and in Bakhchysaray rayon, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. These achievements are reported at a meeting in Yalta by representatives of Vinnytsya and Sumy oblasts as well as of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea – participants of the aforementioned projects.
In order to integrate the elaborated models in system of management, DESPRO Project, in cooperation with the National Academy of Public Administration under the Office of the President of Ukraine, is developing a mechanism of knowledge & experience management for maintaining and using best practices and management patterns. In 2011, based on the accumulated practical materials and the best domestic and foreign programmes, complex work has been carried out to create the national portal of knowledge and training modules for civil servants and local self-government officials.
To sum up this important stage of work, DESPRO Project Manager in Ukraine said, in particular: "Further integration of the Project experience in the activities of government bodies means creation of a practical framework for implementing the reforms. And this integration, with the support of the Project, is performed through implementation of relevant training courses for officials of local governments, civil servants, members of local councils. In addition, expert networks and communities of practice are being established, the web-portal and resource centre are being created, experience of other projects is being involved, etc."
Another important task faced by the Project was to spread best practice and experience of self-organization of rural population, and not only within the cooperation with the Swiss-Ukrainian Project. To this end, in June 2011, DESPRO Project together with Creative Association of Mass Media "Slavuta" announced the competition to the media for the best publication about good initiatives and projects of active rural population (villagers), who come together to improve socio-economic conditions of their lives. The final conference became an excellent opportunity to reward the contest winners. At the invitation of the organizers, journalists from various parts of Ukraine, whose materials the jury voted the best, came to Yalta. Such materials will be compiled in a book (collection), which will be distributed in all regions of Ukraine. It will serve as a master class and a source of ideas and inspiration to all potentially active local communities.