Pulse of Reforms

Governmental officials, national and international experts, responsible citizens more and more speak about the strong need related to administrative and territorial reform. The reform is aimed at stimulating the territories’ social and economic development due to optimization of management system, at streamlining the relations among different power levels and, as a result, at promoting the living standards and improving the life quality in every rural or/and urban settlement.
That is why, Swiss-Ukrainian Project “Decentralization Support in Ukraine” (DESPRO) promotes the effective dialogue among different branches and levels of power, supports a broad discussion of reforms within the regions and, in cooperation with communities, develops the practical models related to creation and provision of decentralized public services.
Today we propose for your consideration the new monthly e-bulletin “Pulse of Reforms”. This product is a small selection of the most exciting and topical news, interviews and analytical materials on administrative and territorial reform, local self-government and regional policy.
We do hope that “Pulse of Reforms” will serve for your awareness in the area and will affect on reforms’ content and changes, as well as on the process of making the decisions, which have an influence on our future. We’ll help you to form an objective opinion on events because we propose the best selection of news!