Experts discuss the existing status and prospects for Sumy Oblast development

Mr. Sitak O. M., Head of Main Economic Department of Sumy Oblast State Administration, presented the audience the Strategy on Regional Development of Sumy Oblast as the grounds for further discussion.   
“Significant increase of Oblast competitiveness among other regions of Ukraine was identified as Strategy priority. For population it means the following: strong social protection, sustainable jobs and high standards of communal and social services; for entrepreneurs: clear and favorable rules for doing business and constructive dialogue with executive power; for investors: minimal investment risk, efficient infrastructure and accompanying and support of investment projects”, said Oleksandr Sitak. 
Consideration of issues related to regulatory and legal framework became the logical topic’s continuation. Leading national experts, i.e. Anatoliy Tkachuk, science and development director of Civil Society Institute and Ihor Abramyuk, expert-analyst of the same institute presented the Draft Laws developed with DESPRO support. These were: Concept Draft to the Bill “On Inter-municipal Cooperation” and Draft Law “On the Right of Communities to Unite”. 
According to Anatoliy Tkachuk opinion, positive aspect of Sumy Regional Development Strategy relates to cancelling barriers for doing business, which facilitates investments attraction into Oblast. While being a border region, Sumy Oblast effectively uses its geographical location, added he.  
It was extremely important for DESPRO expert to hear the opinions of their colleagues, representatives of local self-government and executive power, which resulted in lively and fruitful discussion.
The next plenary part caused no less important resonance. It was devoted to new possibilities for regional development funding related to implementation of regional investment programs both at the expense of DESPRO and State Regional Development Fund.
“Only due to cooperation we can create efficient regulatory and legal frame, which will become strong grounds for country’s development. Decentralization is a serious reform within management system that will make it possible for population to participate in the solution of important social issues”, underlined Anatoliy Tkachuk.
“We feel interest of Sumy Oblast power in the project “Decentralization Support in Ukraine”. One of our objectives is to ensure dialogue among different branches and levels of power as well as wide discussion of reforms in the regions aimed at creating the effective decentralized model due to efficient and accessible public social services”, said Maryna Bryl, DESPRO national policy expert.