DESPRO progress and results in AR Crimea, first half 2012

According to the results of monitoring and evaluation of international technical support projects (programs), conducted by Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of AR Crimea for half a year 2012, Swiss-Ukrainian Project “Decentralization Support in Ukraine” (DESPRO) achieved the following:
·       due participation of different stakeholders (community, power, regional business), planning related to general issues (water supply, solid waste management) improved;
·       infrastructural indices of housing and communal services improved (51 km of water supply network reconstructed);
·       other infrastructural objects are improving (wells, towers, reservoirs) as well as social indices (2,5 thousand families are covered by central water supply system);
·       state - private partnership is being establishing due to involvement of private entrepreneurs and service cooperatives into water supply system maintenance.
Within DESPRO following activities are going on:
·       8 projects on decentralized water supply are implemented in three rayons of AR Crimea (Nyzhniohirsky, Leninsky and Bakhchisaraysky);
·       Bakhchysaray rayon sate administration is supported in the sphere of planning the projects on solid waste management;
·       capacity building of public leaders, local self-government bodies, rayon public/civil servants in the sphere of decentralized public services is strengthening; 
·       working group on SWM project (Bakhchysaray rayon, January 2012) under the Ministry of regional development and housing of AR Crimea is operating;
·       workshop for working group on SWM projects development took place (Bakhchysaray rayon, January 2012);
·       scientific and information workshop “Modern methods and technologies related to equipping and maintenance of water supply systems”, attended by water supply operators of DESPRO partners in Crimea (communities, village heads, representatives of RSA) took place in April 2012;
·       training for accountants of community based organizations “Taxation of non-profitable organizations” took place in May 2012;
·       survey “Satisfaction of AR Crimea population by quality and access to water supply services after implementation of local projects on decentralized water supply services supported by DESPRO” took place in May 2012;
It should be mentioned that project “Reconstruction of water supply network in Frunze village, Nyzhniohirsky rayon, AR Crimea” became the winner of Crimean campaign “Success of the year 2012”, nomination “Best regional project”. 
Project “Decentralization Support in Ukraine” (DESPRO) is implemented since 2007 in AR Crimea, Vinnytsya and Sumy Oblasts. Its main outcome: creation of effective model of public services provision in a decentralized way.
Within 2010 through 2012 the Project supports decentralized public services provision, expands its geographical coverage as well as services spectrum. Besides, water supply, DESPRO supports local projects on solid waste management.
Within the framework of II International Black Sea Economic Forum, Agreement on mutual understanding and cooperation was signed (October 2010) between Council of Minister of AR Crimea and Swiss-Ukrainian project “Decentralization Support in Ukraine” (DESPRO).