During the meeting Oksana Garnets, Senior Project Coordinator in Ukraine reported on successful completion of Project Second Phase and beginning of its Third Phase.

" /> DESPRO conducted Steering Committee meeting in Sumy Oblast

DESPRO conducted Steering Committee meeting in Sumy Oblast

It was also emphasized that the main priorities of the third project phase are: improving the quality and access to certain public services due to local authorities and communities, introduction and development of mechanisms for decentralized service provision on small towns and villages level, their integration into the national reforms related to decentralization.

“During the Third Phase, we’ll launch the regional competition for Oblasts. Thus, every rayon could take part in the project”, said Oksana Garnets. First of all, it concerns co-financing of the projects on water supply, sanitation and solid waste management in project target regions.


Oleksandr Sitak, Director of Economic Development and Trade Department of Sumy State Administration, said that 16 water supply projects were implemented in Konotops’ky, Krolevets’ky and Romens’ky rayons, Sumy Oblast. DESPRO financial contribution for each project was about UAH 240 thousand. Thus, within total budget of UAH 14,1 million, DESPRO contribution was UAH 3,7 million, local budgets contribution – UAH 3,2 million, state budget contribution – UAH 0,5 million and local communities contribution – UAH 6,7 million. 


Within 2010 – 2012, record length of water supply networks was constructed in Sumy Oblast – 174 kilometers. Thus, 10 thousand people were supplied with qualitative water. “Sumy Oblast is ready to spread further on European experience of decentralized governance, involve people into territorial development as well as expand the geography and activities related to public services. I am sure that we’ll maintain the status of the most active Oblast”, said Ihor Yahovdyk, Deputy Head of Sumy Oblast State Administration.


In Sumy Oblast 20 projects were implemented in line with decentralized governance principles and without outside financial support. During the Steering Committee meeting, priorities for the next four years were identified. According to Ihor Yahovdyk, Deputy Head of Oblast State Administration, significant success in solving the urgent population challenges was achieved due to Second DESPRO Phase and model of «local power – community” partnership.