ELearning “Local and Regional Development Projects’ Management – 3” is under way

Final questionnaire, conducted among the participants of two first courses showed that   96% of first course trainees and 99% of second one are satisfied with mentioned model of distant training. They appreciated the effectiveness of proposed forms of educational activities (presentations, additional training materials, forums’ debates, individual assignments, self-assessments, etc). 88% of first eLearning trainees and 97% of second one confirmed that eLearning was of great use for their professional activities, 93% and 94% correspondingly expressed willingness to participate in such training next year. 81% and 82% of project participants would like to continue communication in Communities of Practice on topical issues of public administration.

Propositions of first two e-courses, tutors and experts were collected and analyzed. As a result, Action Plan on improvement of eLearning “Local and Regional Development Projects’ Management – 3” was developed. Before the beginning of the third eLearning “Project Management”, its initiators should adopt it to practical needs, take into account the most common errors related to projects development, dissemination of best practices, development and activation of established Сommunity of Practice.

Team of facilitators, active participants of first eLearning added positive impulse to communication of the participants of second course. In order to train facilitators and acquaint them with skills of effective on-line communication as well as to enhance the effectiveness of training’s support, workshop “Effective on-line communication of facilitator” was organized for the leaders of first two courses. Nataliya Aliushyna, training’s author (PhD in psychology, Assoc. Professor of Public Administration and Management, NAPA) revealed different interpretations of “facilitation”, on-line environment’s impact on facilitator’s and trainee’s behavior, facilitation strategy, new models and theories. Special attention was paid to practical application and building the strategies related to enhancing the effectiveness of e-communication.   

We invite you to take part in eLearning “Local and Regional Development Projects’ Management -3”! The course will start at the beginning of October. Registration will begin on e-platform “Community of Practice: Innovations in Local Self-Governance” («Спільнота практиків: інновації у місцевому самоврядуванні» (http://mx.despro.org.ua:8081/) on 23 September 2013!