Mykhailo Vyshyvanyuk, Head of Ivano-Frankivs’k OSA: “We ensure “green light” and all possible assistance to DESPRO projects in our Oblast”

Ivano-Frankivs’k Oblast is a candidate for participation in the Third Phase of Swiss-Ukrainian project “Decentralization support in Ukraine” (DESPRO). It was announced to-day at the meeting with Head of Oblast State Administration Mykhailo Veshyvanyuk by project experts, who are currently in the area.

“Our visit is aimed at processing information, assessing readiness, capacity and Oblast potential as for its participation in project implementation and cooperation”, - Vyacheslav Sorokovsky told the journalists. “During First and Second Phases the project operated in Vinnytsya and Sumy Oblasts and Crimea”.

Third Project Phase presupposes support to projects on water supply and solid waste management, piloting water supply projects in rural areas and municipalities.

“We are extremely interested in water supply projects in rural areas based on water supply service cooperatives”, - stressed Mykhailo Vyshyvanyuk during the meeting. “We are especially interested in pilot initiatives related to water sanitation on rural territories, in projects on optimization of communal enterprises’ operation providing water supply services in small towns as well as pilot projects on rural areas strategic development. “We will ensure “green light” and all possible assistance to DESPRO projects in our Oblast”.

According to OSA head, some Carpathian rayons face serious challenges related to water supply and its quality. These are: Tlumats’ky, Gorodenkivs’ky and Snyatyns’ky rayons, headed by young initiative people. In case of DESPRO positive decision as for Oblast participation in project implementation, these rayons could become the pilot ones. Carpathian is also interested in pilot projects on rural areas strategic development because due to initiative of Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych, President of Ukraine, special attention is paid to community’s empowerment and strengthening its role in managing/administrating the community’s territory.

As it was mentioned before, project implementation presupposes co-financing at different levels. Mykhailo Vyshyvanyuk told the experts that Oblast State Administration and Oblast Council would guarantee the mandatory co-financing of the projects by Oblast, rayon and local budgets. This will be provided by Letters of Guarantee as well. At the same time, OSA head instructed his deputy Ihor Zvarych to draft the project on future coordination council, which will deal with all organizational issues related to DESPRO projects implementation. Besides, Carpathian is ready to spread positive experience of pilot projects all over Ukraine as well as establishing, in cooperation with project experts, Oblast program.

“If Oblast authorities speaks to-day about its readiness, capability and organizational and financial potential, we should take it into account”, - said Vyacheslav Sorokovsky. “We are to make a decision before the new project phase, i.e. before the end of April”.

Press-service of Ivano-Frankivs’k OSA Івано-Франківської ОДА