We Have Jointly Overcome the Resistance to the Reform and the Majority Speak in Support of the Decentralisation - Viacheslav Nehoda Thanked the Swiss Government for the Cooperation

The majority in the Parliament and in the society now openly speak in support of the reform. People are not in fear and the statesmen have got the understanding of the necessity of the proposed changes. It became possible due to the consistent support by international partners of actions taken by the Ministry and the Government. It was said so by First Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Viacheslav Nehoda during the meeting between representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development with the Swiss high-level delegation. «Any reforms mean changes which may not be beneficial for all. For many, the reform of local self-government, the decentralisation was painful, especially for those who lost influence in the territories. Still more people did not understand those changes and were afraid of them like they are afraid of anything unknown. Consequently, yet a year ago, after the law on voluntary amalgamation of communities was adopted, the resistance to the reform was tremendous, there were only a few statesmen that publicly announced their support to the decentralisation. However, now, due to our joint efforts, the huge work performed by us in informing, communication, explanations, the situation has changed - the majority already says about the necessity, nonavailability of alternatives for, and immutability of decentralisation", Viacheslav Nehoda addressed the representatives of the Swiss Confederation. He thanked the Swiss Cooperation Office, in particular, the DESPRO, both for the expert support in the development of legislation and for the coordination of all participants of the reform and the practical and informational assistance to the bodies of local self-government in the conditions of work that are new for them. "At all stages of the reform implementation, we feel tremendous support on the part of international partners. It is because of that support that we have the first results in the establishment of an effective basic level, the basis of local self-government. During this comparatively short period, almost one thousand local communities have voluntarily amalgamated into 169 capable communities. That proves that the Government's policy in terms of decentralisation which you are actively helping to implement has been supported at the local level", Viacheslav Nehoda said. "In the nearest future, through your help, we will rivet our attention on the success of those who has believed that the reform would be successful and we will extend support to the amalgamated communities to the maximum extent possible. The example of their success will be the best incentive for others to amalgamate, hence, it will promote the reform generally", the First Deputy Minister noted. In their turn, Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office Holger Tausch and Chairman of the Advisory Committee for International Cooperation Felix Gutzwiller highly appreciated the joint work performed, and affirmed their readiness to further facilitate the reforms in Ukraine. Press Service of the "Decentralisation of Power" Government's Initiative