Where to Load and How to Order Manuals on Pressing Issues Regarding the Functioning of Amalgamated Communities

The communities that have already amalgamated and those planning to amalgamate or being in the process of amalgamation have plenty of questions in terms of document management, application of the land laws, budgeting process, powers in the area of city planning, etc. Experts of the DESPRO Project decided to help the communities to puzzle out those matters and developed a series of manuals:
Document Management and Ensuring Circulation of Information

Powers of the Bodies of Local Self-Government in the Area of City Planning

Application of Land Legislation in Activities of the Bodies of Local Self-Government

Budgeting Process / Public Procurement by the Bodies of Local Self-Government  

Document Management and Ensuring Circulation of Information within the Bodies of Local Self-Government

You may load the manuals in electronic form HERE.

The series books may be freely copied, reprinted, and distributed in any manner if made free of charge for the ultimate consumer whereas the references to the authors and the holders of proprietary right to this information and developed materials should appear in any such copied, reprinted, and distributed materials.

Should your organisation need these tutorials, they may be ordered in a hard-copy form FREE OF CHARGE.

For this purpose, you are required to send an official request letter to the attention of Ms. Oksana Mykolaivna Harnets, the DESPRO Project Manager. The letter should contain the following information:
- contact person and mobile phone number
- the titles of books
- required number
- determine where, by whom, and for what purpose they will be used.

The request letters should be sent to the following e-mail: o.koynov@despro.org.ua
Contact person: Oleksii Koinov (tel. 044 270 55 21).