Activists from Luhansk Learned the Experience of Amalgamating Communities in the Ternopil Region

On 27 July 2016, within the framework of the "Let's Change the Country Together! Decentralisation: New Opportunities" project, representatives of Luhansk Oblast (Region) had a number of meetings with representatives of the amalgamated communities and leaders of Ternopil Oblast (Region).  
The delegation visited the Vasylkovetska and Skalatska amalgamated communities.
"For us, the experience of the Ternopil region is invaluable since the decentralisation process here is the most active and effective. It happened so that 90 % of our inhabitants have never been abroad. And more than 70 % have never seen how life is going on outside their region. Therefore, our main task is to stir up the communities and find leaders amongst them. If there are leaders and groups wishing to bring changes for better, everything else will come. Only by this way, we will be able to restore the Luhansk region. By the way, the most active communities are being established at the line of demarcation", Roman Kosynskyi, Deputy Chairman of the Luhansk Oblast (Regional) State Administration, said.
"We are glad to welcome you in the Ternopil region; our land is a true leader in establishing amalgamated territorial communities. Our communities have undergone the entire legal procedure pertaining to the establishment and now directly receive funds from the state. It is always hard for beginners, there arise problems to be resolved in the first place.  So, we will be glad to share our experience and, in our turn, also hope to pay a visit to you in the future", Oleh Valov, Deputy Head of the Oblast State Administration, noted.
Ahead, the delegation from the Luhansk region is in for visits to Lviv and Zakarpatska Oblasts.

You may find information about the visits by the participants of the "Let's Change the Country Together! Decentralisation: New Opportunities" project to the Poltava and Vinnytsia regions HERE

Reference information:
The all-Ukrainian project "Let's Change the Country Together! Decentralisation: New Opportunities" started on 25 July 2016.   The event was initiated by Yurii Harbuz, Head of the Luhansk Oblast State Administration, and supported by the DESPRO Swiss-Ukrainian Decentralisation Support Project in Ukraine. Its objective is to study positive examples of decentralisation in Ukraine and share the experience of development of rural areas in the course of a one-week tour from East to West of Ukraine. The participants in the project will include village heads, representatives of the amalgamated territorial communities, Rayon (District) State Administrations, city mayors, leaders of Luhansk Oblast (Regional) State Administration. During the tour, they will go all over Ukraine, visit the amalgamated territorial communities in Poltava, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi, Lviv, and Zakarpatska Oblasts and will have an opportunity to adopt experience of those communities.