Online Forum Helps Starostas to Promptly Receive Answers to Relevant Questions and Start Discussions

The online forum draws attention of starostas  and representatives of executive committees of the amalgamated communities, which fact is proved by increasing number of its participants, as well as the number of viewed subjects of discussion. 

"Sometimes, starostas face situations to be resolved for the first time and within a short period of time. What is to be done when his or her colleagues, due to the lack of such experience, cannot advise properly and the matter has not been discussed on the forum? If a starosta is registered on the forum, it will not take much time to ask the question and receive an answer. It will be more difficult for non-registered starostas, since the time spent for registration will not facilitate prompt solution of the problem. It is a reminder that it is good when you read questions and answers of others, however when you have a possibility to ask questions and start discussions yourself, it is better. Please, register yourselves and invite your colleagues to do the same", DESPRO's Consulting Expert on Headmen's Activities and Cooperation of Territorial Communities and moderator of the forum Oleksandr Vrublevskyi recommends. 

Please note that in the ANALYTICS section you can view latest professional materials regarding the activities of starostas and, when required, ask additional questions directly on the forum

As it is known, there are more than 653 starostas elected in the amalgamated territorial communities in total, and 2,565 persons are acting starostas. 

To register on the forum, please follow the link

The on-line forum for starostas, acting starostas and representatives of the executive committees of the amalgamated territorial communities was developed on the initiative of the DESPRO Swiss-Ukrainian Decentralisation Support Project in Ukraine. 

Source: Decentralisation