LOCAL SELF-GOVERNANCE SCHOOL 2018 - a project that transforms your life into the "before" and the "after"

From November 20 to 23, the II session of DESPRO Local Self-Governance School (LSG School) was held in Kyiv. It was the final session for this year. 
Once again, the DESPRO project brought together teams of amalgamated territorial communities and a group of young specialists for an intensive 3-day training session. The focus of the program was on strategic planning, spatial and economic development of the territories. The motto of the School of 2018 was a quote of the American writer Zig Ziglar: "If you can imagine something - you are able to achieve it!". Organizers believe, these words concisely reflect the attitude of each participant to the development of their community.


The special feature of the II session of LSG School was joining of the Women-Leaders Program. Women hold numerous positions in local self-government but rarely senior positions. Therefore, it is important to further enhance the professional capacity of women professionals. The same emphasis on personal professional development was put into the curriculum of a separate group of "Young Specialists of LSG".



The teams that received the highest marks and took the 1st place were Mykhailo-Kotsyubynska ATC of Chernihiv region, Bilozirska ATC of Cherkasy region and Omelnytska ATC of Poltava region. As a reward, they received the development of geo-information systems for asset management in their communities. The group "Young LSG Specialists" was also rewarded with an opportunity to visit the Koryukivka ATC of Chernihiv region.





As the graduate and now the DESPRO School trainer Oleksandr Gnitetskyi says, DESPRO Local Self-Governance School is a "project that divides your life into before and after."

Photos from the DESPRO Local Self-Government School 2018 can be viewed by  following the link