80 more graduates of DESPRO School of Local Self-Governance awarded in Kyiv

The School of Local Self-Governance was held in Kyiv with the closing ceremony on November, 29th. DESPRO congratulates 80 graduates with an important step forward in development of their communities!

16 teams of ATC leaders and a group of 16 young specialists of local self-government have successfully fnished the study program on local strategies, project management, branding and marketing of territories, organizational structure of ATC, building cohesion of community members, economic development and start-ups, e-governance, legal aspects, and resourse management.

The three winners - most successful teams - are Pokrovske ATC, Bratslav ATC, and Chmyriv ATC.

As Case Championship was also part of the Local Self-Governance School of 2019, the award ceremony for the best solutions was also held on November, 29th. The case solutions were suggested by students, local self-governance representatives and experts from all around Ukraine to the cases that the School participants prepared and presented during the I session in September. The cases received more than 50 solutions, out of which the teams of ATCs, DESPRO experts, as well as partnering company Deloitte selected 16 winners.

DESPRO congratulates the winners and wishes further growth for their communities!