The Parliamentary Committee Holds Discussions on Amendments to the Law "On Securities and Stock Market"

On January 23rd, the Verkhovna Rada Commitee on Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy held an expert discussion on amendments to the Law "On Securities and Stock Market". Adopting the amendments will push the developmet of local self-governent even further.

The amendments to the Law will make it the Law "On Capital and Stock Market", which opens opportunities for renewing work on the Draft Law "On Bonds of Local Devleopment Funds" that was drafted with DESPRO expert support, but was automatically called off due to previous parliamentary convocation pre-term dismissal.

The Draft Law "On Bonds of Local Devlopment Funds" is key law for a wide use of financial resources in infrastructure projects of amalgamated communities, including inter-municipal cooperation projects that let scale-up the infrastructure projects. As Viacheslav Kozak comments: "This Draft Law was developed in the spirit of the Law "On Cooperation of Territorial Communities", and thanks to it the visionary projects of local development are possible, even for communities that share no border".