DESPRO Training for ATCs' Communal Enterprises is Held in Kyiv

Communal enterprises are the important partners of DESPRO in water supply, waste water treatment, and waste management projects, but also - they are the face of public services for citizens.

To further build capacities for communal enterprises (CEs) from February 3rd to 5th DESPRO held a training for 30 representatives of 11 partner CEs, covering such topics:

Monitoring data in geo-management system QGIS and working with its database
Aspects of technical inventorying
Financial Plans of CEs
Management of debts

It's often a case that CEs have to work in difficult conditions balancing own responsibilities with communication with the community. The CEs have to be managed well, so they are always ready to communicate the rules of safe use and responsible consumption of resourses to the public. So communications is the next important matter for DESPRO and partner CEs to cover.