July, 30. DESPRO expert Vyacheslav Sorokovsky made a speech on the CIDP UNDP round Table

In general the main points of his speech are as follows:

Since beginning the project DESPRO management used the strategy of promoting the sustainable model of operation and maintenance  of water supply systems.

The main elements of this approach are:
1)    Water supply is a service. A consumer interacts with a supplier of this service within the legal environment.
2)    Water supply presumes the infrastructure, owned in legal way. The ownership on the built or renovated property needs to be formalized.
3)    Water supply services provider have to be instituted with the right to maintain business operations and to have all necessary licenses on this kind of activity.
This approach stimulate the community to plan management of the water supply system on the very first stage no matter is it newly built system or the renovated one.
In fact the sustainable model of the operation and maintenance is being incorporated into the every step of the preparing and implementing the community project like:
•    Community base organization registration;
•    Technical part of the project executing ;
•     Water supply system service.