17:49 | 05.09.2018 Acknowledgement of the DESPRO’s Community of Practice achievements at the international research level

DESPRO project is pleased to inform about the recent publication of the research paper "eLearning within the Community of Practice for sustainable development" in the journal Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning by Emerald Publishing Ltd.

16:15 | 27.07.2018 Zaitsivska ATC, jointly with the DESPRO Project, Is Steadily Following the Way of Creation of Development Strategy

On 24 July, a meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee took place in the Zaitsivska village amalgamated territorial community in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

17:41 | 26.07.2018 DESPRO Project will Take Part in the Implementation of the "Drinking Water" Programme in Vinnytsia Oblast

As part of partnership with the Vinnytsia Oblast State Administration, the DESPRO Swiss-Ukrainian Decentralisation Support Project in Ukraine will carry out the analysis of current state of credit financing for the development of water supply and sanitation infrastructure in the Oblast under the "Drinking Water" Programme, study foreign experience of similar credit programmes implementation and carry out a number of workshops for local partners so that the best practices are incorporated in the credit programme.

14:38 | 24.07.2018 Leading Women in Local Self-Government - a New Page of the DESPRO Project

A three-day training "Leading Women in Local Self-Government" by the DESPRO Project is over. That is a pilot event in a series prepared by the Project, which events are dedicated to the involvement of women in public and political processes at all levels of organization of power.

16:59 | 06.07.2018 Online Forum Helps Starostas to Promptly Receive Answers to Relevant Questions and Start Discussions
The online forum draws attention of starostas and representatives of executive committees of the amalgamated communities, which fact is proved by increasing number of its participants, as well as the number of viewed subjects of discussion.

15:35 | 13.06.2018 Round Table on Cooperation of Communities Took Place in the Odesa Region

On 9 May, the DESPRO Project participated in the Round Table "Pressing Matters in the Area of Development of Cooperation and Mechanisms for Lobbying Interests of Local Self-Government in the State Government Bodies".

18:08 | 08.06.2018 DESPRO Project Took Part in the National Conference "New Policy on Waste Management is the Basis of Closed-loop Economy"

The conference was organised at the initiative of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, under the auspices of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine and projects funded by the EU (Twinning, APENA, BRDO), the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the DESPRO Swiss-Ukrainian Decentralisation Support Project in Ukraine.

18:26 | 23.05.2018 DESPRO On-line Community of Local Development Practices has Opened a Resource for Applicants for Positions of Reform Experts

On 17 May, as part of events held within the Open Door Days, there was a presentation of the online resource "New Public Service" at the National Public Service Agency.

11:51 | 09.04.2018 "I am in favour of decentralisation, but..."

A public discussion "Is It Worth to Amalgamate?" was held in the cit of Zhovkva of Lviv Oblast. The party supporting amalgamation earned a convincing victory in four rounds of severe war of words by having increased the number of its followers by 16%.

10:12 | 15.03.2018 Online forum for starostas: topicality level of discussed issues increases

The number of participants of the online forum for starostas is increasing. 197 starostas from 23 oblasts (except the Rivne Oblast, where there are 19 elected starostas and 69 acting starostas) have already registered. The level of topicality of issues raised by starostas for discussion is also increasing.