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УВАГА!!! Відкритий конкурс на посаду Експерта з поводження із твердими побутовими відходами

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DESPRO: Solid Waste Management Expert - TOR   

Municipalities are facing huge problems to solve their solid waste management issues themselves. Apart from the fact, that natural conditions are not suitable in all municipalities to run a landfill according to standards, the municipalities are hardly capable to establish sustainable Solid Waste management (SWM) systems due to limited financial resources and also lack of human capacities and knowhow in the field of SWM.
DESPRO will start a new line of activities with a focus on SWM. In particular DESPRO plans to become a leading actor as facilitator of systematic planning processes for sustainable solid waste management systems using an inter-municipal collaboration. Based on an Inception study a stepwise planning approach has been elaborated.

1.    Project Organisation and Role of the SWM Expert
The lead within the process of support to municipalities is within DESPRO and its staff.
The SWM Expert will be involved in two levels:
-    Support of DESPRO during the preparation phase
-    Support to DESPRO during facilitation process
Therefore the SWM Expert should be available during the next 24 months for several inputs.

2.    Objectives of the specific support through the RWSN Secretariat
The objectives of the inputs of the SWM Expert:
-  Enable DESPRO to plan the facilitation process properly in term of technical but also legal level
-  To address key challenges in terms of SWM models, cost and tariff issues and contract and procurement issues during the facilitation process and to show up approaches for solutions

3.    Tasks of the SWM Expert
Main tasks will be
Preparatory phase
-    Training of DESPRO staff during preparation phase
-    Advice to DESPRO in particular in the field of legislation
-    Technical Advice incl. expertise in costs
-    Elaboration of documentation of step 3 and 4 of the planning process
-    Support on demand for preparation of DESPRO approach

Implementation phase

-    Ongoing research and information of DESPRO in the field of networking on SWM technologies, costs and legislation
-    Participation in field visits and workshops

4.    Outputs expected (not conclusive)
Preparatory phase
-    Short report: Overview on legislation
-    Documentation: Overview on waste technologies and recycling market (actors, prices, conditions); report, database, photo documentation
-    Documentation / handout for planning process step 3 and 4

Implementation phase
-    Project specific support and documentation (on demand)

5.    Way of working and Profile
The SWM consultants will work under instruction of the DESPRO Staff. Specific work packages will be defined and a clear time budget allocated in advance. DESPRO is responsible for quality control, and Skat will provide backstopping support.
She/he will work independently in her/his office as long as DESPRO has not defined specific arrangement such as meetings in Kiev or field visits.
The working language in this assignment is Ukrainian and English. All documents produced and in particular all outputs defined have to be available also in English.
The SWM expert has to guarantee time execution of work and according to quality standards defined by DESPRO and Skat.

She/he should
-    Own a technical background
-    Have a solid active network to different actors in the field of SWM (national entities, private sector, municipalities, donors)
-    Long record of consultancy projects in the Ukrainian waste sector with similar context and complexity
-    own long practical experience in the solid waste sector in Ukraine, in particular in the planning of SWM systems incl. cost analysis and tariff systems, and
-    also has profound knowhow on relevant legislation issues.
The SWM expert is obliged to work primarily for DESPRO in the field of planning of inter-municipal SWM systems and has to inform DESPRO in advance if other assignments should be started.

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