Series of books "Decentralization and Governance"

Series of books “Decentralization and Governance” was designed by Swiss-Ukrainian project “Decentralization Support in Ukraine” (DESPRO) in cooperation with experts of leading Ukrainian “think tanks”, i.e.: National Academy of Public Administration under President of Ukraine, Center for Political and Legal Reforms, Institute of Sociology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Civil Society Institute, etc. 

Goal of “Decentralization and Governance” series: to provide a set of guidelines for the system of training, re-training and advanced training of specialists, working in the sphere of “Public Administration” as well as to ensure their self-education, practice and trainers training. Given proper training of teachers and trainers, educational institutions could transform training modules and adapt them for trainings, workshops, round tables, case studies, business games, probations, lectures, projects and formalized documents related to governance. Books are available for free copying, republication and distribution by all means in case if it is free for customers and if such copying, republication and distribution has a reference to the authors and the person who has the property rights for information and design.

Electronic versions of books in PDF format can be downloaded from DESPRO website (Library - Series "Decentralization and Governance").
 (Бібліотека - Серія «Децентралізація та врядування»).   

DESPRO plans to provide paper copies of books to educational institutions, which train specialists in the field of Public Administration.

In case if your organization needs these manuals, please, send a formal request. In a letter, be sure to note the contact person and his/her mobile phone, titles of books, required quantity and note WHERE, by WHOM and for WHAT PURPOSE they will be used. Letters of request could be sent by fax: 380 44 2796727 or by e-mail to following addresses: or

After receiving your request, DESPRO experts will contact the specified contact person. Small requests (up to 5 copies of each book) will be sent by post. If the request exceeds the specified amount, we will offer you to pick up the books in Project Office in Kyiv at the address: B.Grinchenko, 2, office 2 (Nezalezhnosti Square) or from the warehouse. Preliminary agreement is MUST. Contact persons for books ordering: Olena Suhodolska, DESPRO Communications and Publishing Expert and Tereza Yatsynkivska, DESPRO Project Assistant.


1. Decentralization of public administration: the experience of European countries and the prospects of Ukraine. Research publication

2. Local government and decentralization. Practical Guide. A. Tkachuk

3. Local budgets. Practical adviser. Y. Hanushchak

4. Strategic planning for local development. Practical Guide. A. Berdanova, V. Vakulenko

5. Operational planning of territorial development strategy. Practical Guide. Berdanova O., E. Fyshko

6. Administrative services. Textbook. V. Tymoshchuk


7. Preventing and fighting corruption in local government. Guide. A. Banchuk


8. The quality management system as a tool for improvement of local government. Toolkit. P. Pidhayets, I.Brygilevych

9. Development and project management in the public sphere: a European dimension for Ukraine. Practical Guide. A. Chemerys

10. What local government officials should know about courts

11. Reforming of the system for residential real estate management

12. System of local self-governance in Ukraine: history, theory, current conditions and perspectives

13. Administrative and territorial reform


to be continued...