Partner's news

12:14 | 25.06.2014

Being well-informed means being successful!

In June the All-Ukrainian Association of Village and Settlement Councils completed a pilot project on introduction of the e-learning course “Communication Strategies for Rural Development”. The educational platform was created in partnership with and under support of the Swiss-Ukrainian Decentralization Support Project DESPRO.



16:44 | 24.12.2014

eLearning Course on Project Management for Local and Regional Development is Completed

560 people signed up to participate in this year's program of a regular – fourth – e-course on Project Management for Local and Regional Development including local authorities’ officials, civil society activists, and public administration students.

10:08 | 15.12.2014

A distance learning course on management of local and regional development projects for executives of local self-government bodies (LSB) is completed

At the start of December the fourth online course “Management of local and regional development projects” was completed. This joint initiative of Swiss-Ukrainian project “Decentralization support in Ukraine” and the State fund of local self-government support in Ukraine was launched in spring 2012, when the e-course was introduced for the first time. 560 persons registered for this year’s course, including representatives of local self-government bodies, executive authorities, academics, and civil society activists.


10:09 | 10.12.2014

Forum of DESPRO partners conducts annual summing-up of its activities

2014 was a decisive one not only for the country, but for DESPRO as well. Thanks to historical changes in the country, the results of the seven years’ work of the project at the local level got a chance to be institutionally implemented in the national scale. DESPRO activity during the previous years was dedicated to preparation of reforms, but the real opportunity for their implementation appeared only in 2014, as a result of the Revolution of Dignity. The actual start of the transformation will take place after Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopts the package of normative acts, as well as conceptual principles of decentralization, local self-governance reformation and territorial organization of authority, developed under DESPRO support.