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08:34 | 01.06.2012

Letter of Appreciation

08:41 | 29.05.2012

On 23 May the informational workshop “Dissemination of DESPRO decentralized model of water-supply in Vinnytsya Oblast rural settlements” took place in Rayon State Administration Conference room

The workshop was attended by heads of regional development, bridge construction and architectural departments, housing and communal departments, heads of economic departments, representatives of local self-governing bodies of Tyvrivs’ky, Nemyrivs’ky, Gaysyns’ky, Bershads’ky, Orativs’ky, Teplyts’ky, Pogrebyschens’ky and Lypovets’ky rayons.  



11:15 | 01.04.2014

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the concept based on which local self-government will be reformed

This was announced today, at a press conference in Kyiv, by Volodymyr Groisman, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine. "Today we have made a very important decision in terms of the political perception by the Ukrainian Government of changes that need to take place in the country in order to start changing the system of power at the local level", - reported the official.

11:13 | 31.03.2014

Ukraine and Poland have started working on the implementation of local self-government reform in Ukraine

Polish experts who arrived on Monday, March 31, in Ukraine at the invitation of Volodymyr Groisman, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities, to assist in the implementation of local government reform, have already discussed the joint action plan with the Ukrainian side and have identified the priority issues. First of all, the question is to prepare the legal framework for implementing the reform. "I'd like to see that within one month we have first tried-and-tested necessary changes in the legislation. In one month we will be able to enter the process of coordination with the Government and Parliament, "- said Volodymyr Groisman.

11:10 | 19.03.2014

Decentralization of power is the main guarantee of the development of Dnipropetrovsk oblast

Within the framework of this cooperation, Dnipropetrovsk will receive expert and information support on the implementation of local government reform and decentralization of power in Ukraine. In addition, 18 local community initiatives are planned to be realized in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Each project is to be selected on a competitive basis, and it provides for funding of about 250 thousand hryvnas (UAH). In addition, the cooperation provides for professional, informational, analytical, legal and organizational (in project preparation) support for rural communities by DESPRO.


11:08 | 11.02.2014

An inter-municipal project in the area of municipal solid waste management is being implemented in Sumy oblast

About 85% of rural communities in Romny rayon (district), Sumy oblast (region) do not have an organized system of collection, removal and disposal of solid waste. Each of the communities alone cannot build a modern system of solid waste management. Therefore, at the level of district authorities, they have had an idea to combine efforts and resources of rural communities and the town of Romny by creating a common system of integrated waste management.